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Welcome To Kds Reocrds Official Website

This site only promote Music produced/Mixed and Mastered in Kdsrecords.

Welcome To Kds Reocrds Official Website

This site only promote Music produced/Mixed and Mastered in Kdsrecords.

Welcome To Kds Reocrds Official Website

This site only promote Music produced/Mixed and Mastered in Kdsrecords.

Welcome To Kds Reocrds Official Website

This site only promote Music produced/Mixed and Mastered in Kdsrecords.

Welcome To Kds Reocrds Official Website

This site only promote Music produced/Mixed and Mastered in Kdsrecords.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Click To Link Below To Download FATIEY by Jonexxy!

Jonexxy a Peace House artist under the KRMPP has surprised us with a hot song. He calls it FATIEY and it is KDs on the mix.
Download and share this incredible song from this undisputed artist.


Click The Link Below To Download WO by 'LaeXD'

LaexD is one of those artistes making good music under Ealite Boys Entertainment.
The young and talented artistes has plans of releasing more music and more of his great abilities should be anticipated.
Enjoy this song and share!

Friday, 29 September 2017

Click To Download 'ALL I SEE' by Kadapson

A song to promote liberty, growth, productivity, love, unity and honor to Nigeria by Kadapson!
Download and Share!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Click The Download Link Below To Download 'GIMME DAT' by JOEBLAYZ

JoeBlayz the bad guy on the mic has impressed many with his style of great lyrical contents.
The artist under Blaq Pearl Mewzik has released many songs both online and those premiered in shows withing and outside Bauchi.
Enjoy 'GIMME DAT' BY JOEBLAYZ and share with friends.

Click To Download 'Manah Loyal' By Cent_I

Beehive Jamaican lyricist 'CENT-I' is here with another magnificent joint aimed at penetrating every nuke and cranny. 
The undisputed Rastafarian has recorded many songs and has ever been sighted performing @ Beehive Music Festival where he got more fans and more fame.
MANAH LOYAL is available right here and now and all you have to do is hit the download button below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Click The Link Beow To Download 'Hit Gang Feat. KDs-Rap Legend'

Rap Legend is a song organized under Hit Gang featuring KDs. The song is quite a short one full of lyrical contents. 
Lil Sam and Jul D artistes under Hit Gang made it happened.
You don't want to leave this page without downloading this incredible song

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Click On The Link Below To Download 'I U Aint Got Christ' by Steve Fresh Feat. Deg Noble and Sonexx

Steve Fresh another producer in Beehive made a beat and invited Deg Noble and Sonexx to jump on it on a KDs Mix platform.
Steve has a major message for everyone and it is advisable to listen and hacken to every word.
Hit The Download Button To Get 'If U Aint Got Christ' 


Friday, 22 September 2017

Click The Link Below To Download 'WANNA PARTY by BOLAJI'

Bolaji is that Yoruba guy keeping it real in Beehive and beyond. The artist has made more hits and most 'TALENTED' that's how fans tag him.
The young and promising artist has this new single 'Wanna Party' for us to keep our dance halls busy as we rock this weekend in grand style and always.
Ladies and Gentlemen enjoy this track and share!!!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Click The Link Below To Download GIRMA by Chiblex Feat. J.Kaps

J.Kaps accepted the most honorable invitations ever to jump on a new song of Chiblex of TCG CREW.
Chiblex is that Igbo girl with strong vibes, lyrics, charisma, attitude and great potential all to the Glory of God.
She decided to give God praise as she recognized Him as the Highest in all rankings both in Heaven and earth.
GIRMA is the name of the this great song and its Chiblex and J.Kaps on this one! 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Click The Link Below To Download '-Sauka Kasa by 'Khalid Jones Feat. Kim Taylors

Khalid Jones 'Da Suicide King' has collaborated with one of the famous and most talented female artist making good music in Beehive (Kim Taylors).
The two major artistes have shown their versatility and true potential as they did justice to the beat KDs produced as 18th beat.
SAUKA KASA and click the download button for your copy.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Click To Download Nw Music From Joke Gang Feat. Rimzy-Flame

Rimzy an artist under Joke Gang is here with a new piece of greatness to make our playlist flourish in rhythm and harmony.
You don't wanna leave this page without downloading this great song. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Click To Download New Music From LeazD, Smart P & CIY-Humble

Leax D, Smart P & CIY have made us proud by giving us an outstanding single to rock our weekend with.
Enjoy this song and make them proud too.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Click To Download SHARIYA by SwanBee Feat. KDs

Swanbee a great song writer has some things to say about people judging other people in a song titled 'SHARIYA'.
The artist currently staying in Yobe has KDs on the song and it is about to blow your mind.
Enjoy this song and share!!!

Click To Download King Of Kings by DEG Noble Feat. Helena and GenEx

DEG NOBLE a Gospel Minister has collaborated with two other spiritually minded ministers of God 'Helena and GenEx' on a song tagged; King Of Kings.
Lets celebrate our creator in the days of our youth as we hit the download button to get this incredible song.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Click To Download New Music From 'I_BlinQs Feat. Budicious-Sweet Love'

Talking about good music, commercial delivery and perfect lyrics? You are at the right page and more of this kind of sweet genre of music shall fall on you.
Ladies and gentle, KDS RECORDS Presents before you, I_BLINKS A.K.A Wonder Boy and Dat Beehive Niqqur, Legendary BUDICIOUS.
The two great heads have worked together to ensure our playlists never run dry of sweet music.
Go ahead and get sweet LOVE!

Click To Download New Music From 'DPLANGS-I Have Decided'

'I HAVE DECIDED' by D.PLANGS is one of the most recently released gospel piece of music aimed at encouraging lost souls to find God.
D.PLANGS a student of Federal Polytechnic Bauchi has said it all in the song and it is expected of us all to to do same.
Download and also share this great edifying song.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Click To Download New Music From 'Mr. James-Lord Has Done It'

Mr. James has a gift for us on his birthday instead of us giving him one. He has decided to give us this song and all we have to do in return is to download and share as we celebrate with him.
Please show some love for this M.O.G

Friday, 8 September 2017

Click To Download New Music From B.E.M-Where Them Deh

Black Empire Music (B.E.M) is here with a new song and they call it "WHERE DEM DEH".
The trending music group in Beehive has succeeded in conquering many streets, corners, shows and concerts taking place in the city of Bauchi and even beyond.
They are known for their energy and delivery, punch lines and rythmes#
Enjoy This magnificent piece of music and share with friends and family.

Click To Download New Music From Hit Gang-Hallelujah

Hit Gang has introduced two fellas to represent them on this awesome song 'Hallelujah'.
Kul-D & Lil Sam actually did justice to this song and more of such songs are coming your way.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Click To Download New Music From Mozta Priest-STR33T3R69

Mozta Priest Bin Laden has quenched our innermost thirst of magnificent music by giving us something to listen to and be grateful for.
The 'Underground King' as he calls himself is quite a hardworking fellow when it comes to delivering good and undisputed hit songs.
STR33T3R '69' is the name of this incredible piece of music and make sure you hit the DOWNLOAD BUTTON to get served.

Download New Music From JULCENT-Mama Feat. Cheqk & Abstraq

Julcent The Juice Man is here with another mind blowing song and he calls this one 'MAMA' Featuring CHEQK and ABSTRAQ.
The singer Julcent, has lots and lots of songs produced and soon we shall be fed with all and nothing rather than good music should be expected from this talented fellow.
Enjoy this song and share!!!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Click To Download Free Beat From KDs Records No. 019

KDs has produced another Hip Hop beat for music lovers out there and it is here on your door steps.
Download and feel free to use it anywhere and anytime.
Free beat No. 019

Download New Music From El-Kash-Bless Me

El-Kash the lyricist has dropped another great song to spies up our playlists again and he titled it 'Bless Me'.
The young artist has plans of making more music to impress his fans wherever they may be.
After downloading this song, you will agree with us that El-Kash has what it makes to make it to the music industry.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Download MP4 of Zamar Awards Advert {2.7mb} (Motion Graphix By Kawu)

This is a voluntary job KDs Records got done for the trending ZAMAR AWARDS that is taking place in a month time.
Download and get the full details of the event.
Thank you! 


Beehive is increasingly making it happen as more good and talented artistes keep coming out from nowhere and are taking over the music industry.
'Blaq Tigers' as they are called, have made people in the neighborhood proud and are ever ready to put some smiles on the faces of more people that love good music round the globe and are willing to promote them.
They call this song 'CELEBRATION' and it's a good one.

Music || All I Do || by Kenny (m&m by KDs Records)

'ALL I DO' by KENNY is the song of the moment & this talented artist really does good jobs as he keeps giving us HITS '...

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